Seismic isolation platforms for loudspeakers


We present Madsumo seismic isolation platforms for loudspeakers or any other audio equipment where precision isolation of vibrations is needed, e.g. loudspeakers or turntables.

Our stands are digital designed and tested for maximum possible isolation. Now all the movement of speaker coil are generating only the sound but not the movement of loudspeaker cabinet. With this platforms You will hear every tiniest sound and now your speakers will give you a full sound stage and all the details that are maximally exposed.

In the video above you can see how our platforms absorb all vibrations and impacts from the outside.

Weight of your one loudspeaker cabinet:
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Stands are made from heavy materials, one stand weight 8-10kg and have low profile construction so your speakers will be higher only 10-25mm.

If You need special dimensions of this stands please contact with us.

Before buying you have to choose the size and weight of your loudspeaker.

Madsumo Seismic Platform
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